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~ Scrolls and Magical Healing in Elanthia ~

Magical healing in Elanthia covers magical devices and scrolls that aid in finding
the correct herbal remedy. Please see below for specifics.

To keep a copy of one of the magical devices or scrolls:
1) Select item with your mouse's right paw then
2) Choose the magical line "save as" or "save file as"

Magical Devices

herbguide.exe Works with the magic XP and older
Gemstone III Herb Guide Vers 1.8
Copyright (c) 1997 by Justin Wienckowski
herbhelp.exe Works with the magic 98se and older
Antalya's_Healing _Guide.exe Works with the magic XP and older
Antalya's Healing Guide Vers 1.0.0
Copyright (c) 2001 by Antalya's Software


Requires the magic of spreadsheets and .zip      ( ie. MS Excel & zip )
Requires the magic of pdf      ( ie. Adobe Acrobat pdf viewer )
Created by the Emporium
Forage Work in progress



Updated: Mon, 25-Aug-2008
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