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~ OEH: Timeline - Age of Darkness ~

From the Modern World to the Ancient
Drawn from the collected libraries of Illistim by Meachreasim Illistim, First Master of Lore
Published: 9 Ivastaen of the year 5100 Modern Era
OEH = Official Elanthian History: Work in Progress

Recent History: 5,000 to Present
Recent History: 4,000 to 4,999
Recent History: -4,999 to 3,999
Age of Chaos: -5,000 to -20,000
Age of Elven Empire: -20,001 to -50,000
Age of Darkness: -50,001 to -115,001


Circa -95,000

The Arkati: Eorgina begins to openly lead a faction of the Arkati towards a darker path, subverting the rule of Koar.

Circa -100,000

The Arkati: The Arkati, formerly the Drakes' servants, begin to heal the land, each taking up a race or cause to promote.

Circa -105,000

Ur-Daemon War: The Ur-Daemon War lasted over 1,000 years. The Drakes' rule of Elanthia was shattered forever.

Circa -130,000

The Drakes: The Rule of Dragonkind.


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