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As you enter the library a young dark elf starts speaking quietly to you.  

Welcome to our library.  We have many different areas available for use.  As you may see there is a central area where items and / or help are requested.  To view an item please select the item on the scroll to the left of the information desk.  That item will then be brought out for you to view.  

Some items are available to keep and that option will be appear on the selected item.  Just look for a little magic spell at the top titled "Save / Print".  If that option is not on the requested article then that option is not available at this time.

Let me give you a brief overview of our areas and what they may contain before I turn you loose.  The young elf hands you the card below and explains that there are eight (8) areas of information.  Listed on the card are the areas with a description of what may be found in each.

A Brief Overview

  Astronomy / Astrology Information on the stars, moons, and signs
Hall of Records Information on specific locations  ex: AI / Hanging Inn
Historical Archives Elanthian history is located here
"How Do I" Desk Information on how to do things  ex: making iron
Organizations Information on the houses, COL, and Voln
Reading Room Contains journals, poetry, lore and tall tales
Research Archives Contains profession, race, and religious information
Script Vault Scripts for a variety of places and activities

We hope you find our library useful and informative but if you have any problems please let the librarian know so that we may try to correct them.

Thank you and have a wonderful visit.

Trazzy and Trazlataint Delamarz
Clan Scribes

Updated: Fri, 22-Aug-2008
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