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~ Associates ~

* Associate links open in own portals

Crystal Amulet Auctions
  An Elanthian auction house
The Beastiary
  Information on the creatures of Elanthia
Delamarz Sisters Information Emporium     ( Site Closed )
  Cobra Sect Clan sister site    ( This site has merged with the Cobra Sect Clan )
Jypsie's Elanthian Library
  A library full of guides, scripts, and Elanthian History
Lady Berylla's House of Healing
  A lovely place to visit for guides to healing and other information
PSInet GS Gui Chat      ( Site Closed )
  Psinet is an internal wizard gui which allows members to chat regardless of the area of the game in which they are playing
Tsoran's Map Shoppe
  Tsoran has the most up to date and concise maps in and of the lands
Updated: Fri, 22-Aug-2008
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