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general information arch

As you approach the the long hall a nervous looking, young elven boy steps forward. Maybe he is new to his position as you see an older man behind him listening and watching as the boy starts his speach.

Ahead is the Hall of Information.  We have seven (7) different areas of information in the hall available for your use. In all areas there will be a posting to the left of the entrance detailing what is available in that particular area. To access and item just tap it on the posting and it will be brought to you.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you find something useful.

With the end of his speach the young boy hands out a card with the following information then turns to the older man to see how he did.  You hear the gentleman tell the boy "good job" as you enter the hall.

Associates A listing of associates we feel others may benefit from
Back Alley Sales A place for members to post items they wish to sell        (closed)
Healing Gardens Information for healing injuries and scars, remedy descriptions, magic healing aides, scrolls, and Foraging information.
  Astronomy / Astrology Information on the stars, moons, and signs
  Hall of Records Information on specific locations  ex: AI / Hanging Inn
  Historical Archives Elanthian history is located here
  "How Do I" Desk Information on how to do things  ex: making iron
  Organizations Information on the houses, COL, and Voln
  Reading Room Contains journals, poetry, lore and tall tales
  Research Archives Contains profession, race, and religious information
  Script Vault Scripts for a variety of places and activities
Map Vault Contains maps for Elanthia by Tsoran and others
  Armory Various types of armor
  Clothing Various clothing styles
  Creatures Creatures of the land and some information on them
  Gems & Shells Various gems and shells that may be found in the lands
  Jewelry Various pieces of jewelry, magical and non-magical
  Lock Picks Lockpick collection and some information on them
  Traps Some of the various traps that lock smiths may encounter
  Weaponry Various types of weaponry available in the lands
Verbalist  All things relating to Elanthian speech
Updated: Wed, 27-Aug-2008
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