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~ Scribes Notes ~

Healing Gardens

  Herbs from one area will work in other areas.  They are not limited to an area.
  EN listings created with help from Lady Berylla's Herb Guide as neither of us have made it to
the Elven Nations yet.
  Approximate values we couldn't get are from Lady Antalyas Magical Healing Guide   ( Site Closed )
  Ice Age listings created with help from Kulbaen's Ice Aged Conversion Listing   ( Site Closed )

Our Library

Map Vault:
To save a map please select with your right hand and whisper "save as" or "save file as"
L / P means the map orientation is Landscape or Portrait for inking
Tsoran's Map Shoppe offers an excellent Map FAQ page
Irfanview is recommended for viewing and inking maps (free and easy to use)

The Museum

Gem & Shell Exhibits: Some values were collected from other guides as follows:
Updated: Fri, 22-Aug-2008
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