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~ Notice Board for 2003 ~

09/17/03 Added the following forms:
     Member Login Problems, Contact Scribe, and Member Bios
Added Link under General Info for Crystal Amulet Auction House
08/12/03 Added new guest book, converted entries from old book to new
July 2003 Created new graphics, changed colors and font
A dded new menu for basic information
Removed guest book, service request, and new member forms
     due to problems with the scripts
04/25/03 Posted and uploaded the following maps:  
     NEW MAP: RR-maelstrom
     4 Updates: global, RR-riversrest, VO-caravansary, WL-gates
02/11/03 Formatted all pages within Cobra Sect Clan site to the same
     "web safe" colors
Information Emporium has a new URL: HTTP://GS3.TAZZYT.COM
Corrected all links for Delamarz Sister's Information Emporium
02/08/03 ~cobra has changed hosts; new URL is HTTP://COBRA.TAZZYT.COM
Removed counter until new counter script may be found
Removed links to new members, members, and elders until new
     script may be found
Corrected all links and script locations in active cobra site
Uploaded cobra site that will be active
01/25/03 ~cobra: removed a couple guest log entries not GS3 relevant
01/24/03 Changed Basic Information menu to an all text link menu as the
     java menu was corrupted; created a few text menu pages
     for navigation
Posted and uploaded the following maps:   
     2 Updates: global, IMT-rift
01/14/03 Corrected Creatures links in Basic Information Menu
Adjusted Since date on counter to reflect counter problems
Added meta refresh of 3 seconds to no access areas index
Updated all meta tag copyrights
01/08/03 Started Updates log for 2003 and linked to 2002 log
Removed link to Creatures.xls - bad format and out of date
Updated: Thu, 22-May-2008