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healing gardens banner

Some folks like to use herbs instead of visiting the healers in the towns so we decided to set up these quaint little healing gardens.  Please feel free to have a look around.

Glancing at the gardens beyond the short fence one can see the various herbs, roots, flowers, trees and shrubs growing in neat rows and groups.   Within each area is a carved sign containing the names of the items.

Just beyond the gate, a cabinet full of neatly labeled jars and vials of the various herbs, ales, teas, and potions available may be seen.   Next to the cabinet is a set of racks with the various foods and tarts used in the Elanthian Lands for healing.  

Posted to the left of the gate is a scroll listing what is available.  Just tap the item needed and the scroll will summon it forth.  We hope you find what it is you seek, but if something is amiss please let us know.

Thank you,

Trazzy and Trazlataint Delamarz
Clan Scribes

Updated: Fri, 22-Aug-2008
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